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Cookware Replacement Parts

Poaching Cups & Farberware Replacement Parts

With egg poacher cups from Farberware, just bring the water to a boil in the pan and place the eggs in the cups. With these cookware replacement parts, just put the lid on our egg poachers, and in 5-6 minutes, eggs will be softly poached. Use these poaching cups to create shell-free hard boiled eggs for salads by cooking them a bit longer. And with Farberware replacement parts, there’s no need to worry about size or fit--every piece is designed to work with Farberware cookware.

Make poached eggs with egg poacher cups from Farberware, so the whole family can have gourmet egg dishes for breakfast or at any time of the day. Our cookware replacement parts are suitable for use with Farberware Cookware on a variety of cooktops.

Egg lovers will adore egg poacher cups from Farberware, because these specialty replacement parts are so easy to use, and these egg poaching pans will be reached for to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Egg poacher cups from Farberware are ideal for eggs Benedict or corned beef hash. These cookware replacement parts will help create four perfectly shaped eggs at once and, when the egg cup tray is removed, washing becomes even easier. For easy cleanup, these poaching cups are nonstick both inside and out. These Farberware replacement parts also lift out of the tray with easy-grip handles so eggs can be served with care.

The egg poacher cups feature all the excellent cooking performance of the Farberware Specialties collection because of their heavy-duty aluminum construction and platinum-colored nonstick both inside and out. These cookware replacement parts feature a durable construction and fit, too. Our poaching cups and other specialty cookware complements any kitchen, has great food release and is easy to clean. Plus, these Farberware replacement parts allow cooks to make cooking progress even after a piece goes missing.