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  • Stuffed Mushrooms recipe

    Stuffed Mushrooms


    These mushrooms are ideal as passed one-bite appetizers at a party, speared on a frilly toothpick. For a sit-down dinner, they would be lovely as an amuse bouche. Because of the added cracker crumbs, the sausage meatballs are tender and fluffy, unlike a sausage cooked as-is.
  • Stuffed Artichokes recipe

    Stuffed Artichokes


    Stuffed artichokes can be quite challenging to make if you keep them whole. But if you cut them in half, they’re much easier to prepare, and they’re not quite the same huge portion, making them more appropriate for a first course. You can use any Italian spice mix you like, or use oregano, basil, or a mix of the two. For the cheese, use what you like. Provolone, Parmesan, Asiago, or an aged mozzarella would be fine. Or a mix.
  • Pumpkin Hummus recipe

    Pumpkin Hummus


    Browned butter gives this hummus a nutty, decadent flavor.