Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Promise Our Mission

To come this far, we started early. In 1900.

Tinsmith S. W. Farber made his first metalwares then, in New York City, with quality materials like tin, brass, and copper. He later added rarer metals like nickel, chrome, and silver, and products like bowls and vases. And cookware.

As life got busier, Farber kept pace with the times with innovations like the first Farberware percolator (1930), electric cookware (1954), and other small appliances designed to make cooking easier (1962). Day after day, year after year, making modern kitchenware, and making kitchenware modern, Farber grew that little tinsmith’s shop into Farberware, one of the most trusted and beloved houseware brands in America, and in the world.

S. W. set out to make and offer a product, not a tradition. By staying true, and staying ahead, the brand that still bears his name became one. Generations of cooks like you helped make that happen, trusting Farberware and holding our products–holding us–to our founder’s original standards. Today and every day, that’s why we’ll keep striving.

To stay true. And stay ahead. By starting early.

Our Promise Our Promise

Durability, Dependability, Value, Design, Innovation.